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Specialist walking tours available in Oxford, explore the City and University and learn about its rich history and culture in a focused and immersive way. We tailor tours to a wide range of interests and visitors will have a memorable and enjoyable experience with fully qualified guides

Your tour can be tailored to your interests

We can offer you the following tours, or if you have any other ideas we could possibly find a guide who can best match your interests. ​Please do contact us for a discussion about how we can help you plan your visit. We can arrange tours of any length of time whether it is an hour or up to a whole day but to get the most out of your visit if time is short, we think a 2 hour or 90 minute tour is good.


We will meet you at a central meeting point that suits you but generally the Martyrs Memorial is easy to find or the junction of Catte Street and Broad street (see maps).


Come prepared for the weather and wear comfortable footwear. The tour will involve about 1.5 miles of walking mainly on the flat but sometimes requires steps up into colleges or other buildings. Some buildings are not easily accessible.


Please advise us in advance if there are wheelchair users so we can plan accordingly.


Once the tour details and guide fee are confirmed and the guide is booked, you will receive an invoice. We don’t ask for a deposit unless it is a long time in advance of the tour and this will be £40 per guide. Full payment is due 2 weeks in advance of the tour wherever possible unless it is booked at short notice, in which case payment is due immediately.

Your tour is a personalized one and depends on the size of the group and the length of the tour which usually lasts 90 minutes or two hours. We can give you a price when we discuss your requirements with you.


Generally this will be from £120 upwards.

Group sizes can vary from a small family and friends group to corporate, conferences, schools or larger groups. Generally the maximum number in a group per guide is 19/20. We limit the numbers because we feel that it is important that you can see and hear the guide but also to take into account of health and safety, as Oxford has a number of narrow streets.

Discover Inspector Morse, Lewis, And Endeavor Tour

This is a fabulous tour that is really popular. Fans of the famous TV detectives Morse, Lewis, Hathaway and Endeavour will enjoy a walk with the experts to see the locations of the many murders, plots and intrigue. See some of the famous pubs where Morse would say “just time for one more pint, Lewis” and of course Lewis would pay. We’ll also visit a college where scenes were filmed.

Discover Harry Potter Or Alice In Wonderland Tour

This tour is a private tour. Usually on the tour you will visit New College and the Divinity School if open on the day as these are both filming locations. There are entry charges in addition to the guide’s fee.

Christ Church is also a filming location and the Dining Hall was the inspiration for Hogwarts Hall. However Christ church no longer allows guiding inside so visitors will need to book entry there directly through their website for the day of the tour visit for more details.

Discover Literary Oxford Tour

Many popular writers and great authors studied and lived in Oxford including C.S.Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, W.H.Auden, William Golding or John Le Carre.

This tour will explore the colleges and places from where much of their inspiration came.

Discover Oxford Film Sites Tour

Oxford has been the backdrop and inspiration for many films and TV dramas. Explore the locations for example Harry Potter, X Men first class, the Golden Compass, the Testament of Youth or the Madness of King George.


See some of the locations of the filming combined with the history of the City and University.

Discover Science In Oxford Tour

Oxford has a golden scientific history: from the thirteenth century empirical influence of Roger Bacon; through the bold seventeenth century laws discovered by Hook and Boyle and the incredible observations of Halley; and triumphing in the twentieth century as the home of thirty one Nobel prizes in science subjects alone. 


Our two hour walk introduces you to these scientists and many more. The investigations continue… 

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Safely and Easily Book Your Tour

At Oxford Tour Guides we take your privacy seriously and so the contact details you supply to us will be for the sole purpose of communicating with you to organise the arrangements for your tour. 


Your contact number will be passed to the guide who is to take your tour so that you can liaise on the day in case of delays or problems. 

Just complete the enquiry form or email 

or phone 07769 657145 for a quote for your tour requirements..

"You will leave Oxford with good memories and hopefully you will want to come back and see more- or even come back and study here!"
Sandra Bingham


Your tour is a personalized one and depends on the size of the group and the length of the tour which usually lasts 90 minutes or two hours. We can give you a price when we discuss your requirements with you. Generally this will be from £120 upwards.


Many Colleges and University buildings such as the Divinity School charge for entry and this can vary from £1 up to £7 per person these charges are in addition to the guide’s fee and are payable on the day depending on what is open. 

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